Getting Your Man Card


After missing the Yellow jersey by 1 second on not 1, but 3 consecutive stages of the 2015 Tour de France, Tony Martin delivered . . . and with such panache!

The stage was the longest of this year’s Tour @ 221 km—12 of which were over cobblestones. With 11 km to go he flatted and borrowed his teammate’s bike. With 3 km to go he attacked and somehow held on for the win.  Though he’s been cycling’s World Champion, it’s his first time in yellow.

This mental toughness and raw athleticism is what keeps me coming back to the TDF year after year.

Winning the Yellow jersey isn’t the only way get get issued your ‘man card’. In fact, athletics is probably not the best way to get one. But today, Tony earned his card. Coincidentally it was printed on yellow cardstock.

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